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Texas Association of Orthodontists reminds Texans to use facial protection

EAST TEXAS, May 3, 2017--Members of the Texas Association of Orthodontists want to remind parents, coaches and athletes to gear up for recreational and organized sports. It is the perfect time of year to bring attention to how important it is to protect your teeth, gum and full mouth from injury during all the spring sports.

When it comes to dental injuries, sport related activities account for an estimated 39 percent during the spring months. A simple way to limit the risk of oral injury, especially while undergoing orthodontic treatment, is to always wear protective facial and mouth gear, such as a mouth guard when engaging in organized or recreational sports. Mouth guards and other types of protective gear can prevent or reduce injuries that happen during play. They offer protection by absorbing high-impact energy from potentially traumatic blows.

“Mouth guards are a small price to pay for protection they give an athletes teeth and mouth,” said Dr. Jesse Teng, TAO president. “A single traumatic injury to the teeth may never heal completely, and it can create a lifetime of expensive, long-term problems for the affected individual.”

Mouth guards are one of the least expensive pieces of protective equipment available. Over-the-counter mouth guards cost as little as $5 and can protect teeth and jaws, but they only provide protection when they are worn.

According to the American Association of Orthodontists, 67 percent of parents surveyed said their child does not wear a mouth guard, yet 70 percent said their biggest fear is their child will get hurt when playing organized sports.

An orthodontic specialist can recommend a mouth guard for a patient/athlete who wears braces or other devices that move teeth or align jaws. Parents of children in orthodontic treatment should talk with their orthodontist about the recommended mouth guard to wear during orthodontic treatment.

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