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Update on City of Palestine Vote Canvas

PALESTINE, May 19, 2014— The City of Palestine held an election for city council members in District 1 and District 4. The city charter states that candidates must receive 50 percent or more of the votes or a run-off election must be held. At this time, the election of City Council, District 4 has not been officially awarded.

The city must present election results to council for approval or rejection.

There were provisional ballots cast in the election. Provisional ballots are used to allow a voter whose name does not appear on the list or registered voters to vote. This is considered an administrative voter roll error and should not keep a voter from casting a ballot. The voter completes an affidavit stating the reasons he or she is qualified to vote. Provisional ballots are kept separately from the regular ballots and reviewed after Election Day by the early voting ballot board. The ballot is only counted if the voter is determined to be a registered voter and is otherwise qualified to vote.

While unofficial numbers have been released, winners cannot be formally announced until Council meeting.

“There have been a few informational releases that stated a winner was declared, or a run-off was needed, but that wasn’t the case,” said City Secretary Teresa Herrera. “Our process is laid out in state law and city charter, and a winner is not formally declared until Council approves or rejects the vote canvas.”

The unofficial numbers, with provisional ballots included, determine Joseph Thompson received 47 votes, Kenneth Davidson received 24 votes, and Joe Baxter received 15 votes. Final voting results will be certified and a winner formally declared from the canvas at the next regularly scheduled council meeting on May 19, at 5:30 p.m.

Final approved results will be posted on the city website at www.CityofPalestineTx.com.

The public is invited to attend the City Council meeting.

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