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Tyler ISD students win State honors at technology competition

TYLER, April 21, 2014-- Technology students at Robert E. Lee High School earned State honors at the Texas Technology Student Association (TSA) state competition in Waco recently. The team received seven state championship awards in categories of photography; construction, modeling and design; applied tech science; graphic solutions; system control; technical problem solving and desktop publishing. Three students received third place finishes, with one being a national qualifying event, and two students finished in the top five. 

The Texas TSA is an affiliation of the national TSA program and promotes personal growth in leadership, technology, engineering and design fields. TSA students learn to apply science, technology, engineering and mathematics through a series of curriculum, competitions and related studies. Texas TSA has over 10,000 middle and high school students and 185 advisors.

“As sponsors, Kathy Wade, Erica Clough, Jessica Clough and I are extremely impressed with the work these students were able to produce,” Brad Langley, career and technical education department chair at Lee, said. “We have mostly younger students in TSA with very little to no competition experience. To have them be able to make it to the state competition, and perform as well as they did, is very indicative of the type of character and ability these students have.”

TSA State Results


Sayra Espinosa- 1st Place- Fashion

Tad Dial- 1st Place-Animal Life, Category 2

Jake Ross- 1st Place- Aerial; 1st Place- Animal Action Motion; 3rd Place- Landscape

Chris Varner-5th Place-Close up

Kushan Gupta-1st Place- Animal Life, Category 1; 3rd Place- Architectural; 3rdPlace-Other Subject

Construction, Modeling, & Design:

Aaron Stapp & Josh Stapp-1st Place-Model of Space Structure


Applied Tech Science:

Alyssa Graham- 1st Place-Electrical Energy from Nuclear Fuels


Graphic Solutions:

Sayra Espinosa- 8th Place-Arch & Construction


System Control NQE (National Qualifying Event):

Yadiel Graciano, Tad Dial, Walker Moore- 8th Place


Tech Problem Solving NQE:

Daimen Moody and Austin Koziol; 3rd Place- Qualified for the national competition in Washington D.C.


Desktop Publishing NQE:

Lauren Lyons-4th Place

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