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Tornado Safety Tips

TEXAS, May 21, 2013--More tornadoes strike Texas than any other state. They can occur at any time of year, including winter, but are most frequent from mid-March through May. They are also common during hurricanes. To prepare for these violent storms, there are several precautions you can take:

Seek shelter in an interior room on the lowest floor of your home, such as a bathroom, closet or room without windows. Cover yourself with a mattress or cushions.

In an office building, go to an interior room or hallway on the lowest floor.

If you are in a mobile home, get out and take shelter in a nearby building. If there are none, lie flat in a ditch or ravine.

Never stay inside a car. Get out and lie flat in a ditch or a ravine. If a building is nearby, take shelter inside. Do not try to outrun a tornado in your car.

At school, follow plans and go to a designated shelter area, usually interior hallways on the lowest floor. Avoid auditoriums, gyms and areas with wide, free-span roofs.

In a shopping center, move towards the interior away from exterior glass walls.

If you are in open country, take cover in a low spot away from trees.

Learn the difference between a Tornado Watch and a Tornado Warning. A Tornado Watch means watch the sky. A Tornado Warning means a tornado is on the ground and you must seek shelter immediately.

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