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Three arrested for Disorderly Conduct after Palestine Street altercation

JACKSONVILLE, August 20, 2013--Monday evening, shortly before 6:00 p.m., Jacksonville Police Officers were called to a reported street fight in the 1700 block of Palestine Street, in Jacksonville.

When officers arrived, they observed approximately 45 people in a residential yard and on the street, and three individuals involved in a fist-fight. Officers attempted to break up the fight, eventually using pepper spray in order to separate the individuals, and then placing the suspects under arrest.

The three individuals were taken into custody, and charged with Disorderly Conduct – Fighting in Public. One of the individuals was found to have a small amount of marijuana in his possession, and was charged for that as well.

“To keep the peace is part of our job,” said Jacksonville Police Sgt. Jason Price. “We’ll listen. We’ll listen all day, as long as people will talk to us and tell us what’s going on. But when they start taking matters into their own hands and letting their hands do the talking, then, unfortunately, we have to step in.”

Another gentleman in the crowd was found to be intoxicated to the point of being a danger to himself, and was also taken into custody. He was charged with Public Intoxication.

The suspects are in custody at the Jacksonville County Jail and are expected to be arraigned today.

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