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Three arrested for burglary of Kalin's Center storage, Dollar General

CROCKETT, September 27, 2013-- On July 1, 2013, officers and Investigators with the Crockett Police Department began an investigation into the vandalism and burglary that had occurred at the Old Crockett Intermediate School, which was being used at the time as storage for the Kalin’s Center.  During the burglary, several items, including anatomical dolls, were damaged or taken. Several thousand dollars in damage was also caused to the building and the Kalin’s Center’s property inside the building.

On July 10, 2013, officers and Investigators responded to the Dollar General Store in reference to another burglary.  Video in this incident showed two young black males breaking the store’s glass front door and one of them entering the business at about 1 o’clock in the morning. Again on July 25, 2013, the same two subjects returned to the store. After breaking the door again, the two subjects entered the store and took several items, including candy. Also, this video showed that one of the subjects had a distinctive haircut.

On July 26, 2013, at about 12:36 a.m., officers on patrol observed a two subjects walking on Durrett Drive and noticed that one of them had the distinct haircut that they had observed on the Dollar Store’s video. When the Officers made contact with the two, the subjects provided false names and dates of birth. Eventually, the two provided their true identifies. The subject with the distinct haircut was identified as ZeAnte Exel Washington, age 19, and the other subject was identified as a juvenile. 

The officers were able to talk to Washington, who admitted his role in the two Dollar Store burglaries that had occurred. He was eventually arrested and charged with Burglary of a Building. Washington also told that he had broken into the Dollar Store with another juvenile. This juvenile later talked with Investigators and admitted to his role in the Dollar Store burglaries. Investigators were also able to confirm by talking with the juvenile that he, along Washington and another juvenile were responsible for the Kalin’s Center burglary. The suspects admitted to entering the Kalin’s Center and being present while the Kalin’s Center was being vandalized and also admitted to taking items from inside of the building.

Washington remains in the Houston County Jail on multiple charges of Burglary of a Building. The two juveniles’ cases have been referred to the Houston County Juvenile Probation Department and the Houston County Attorney’s Offices for prosecution.  

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