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Tests reveal water meter overcharging in Palestine

PALESTINE, August 15, 2014—The City of Palestine may have an issue with overcharging when it comes to water meter reading, according to Bob Herrington, as first reported Friday morning on KNET’s Meddling in the Morning with Bob and Darla.

Apparently, independent water meter test results obtained through an open records request filed with the City of Palestine on July 29, show a consistent pattern of overcharging. According to the results, 106 meters were tested and 67% of those, two thirds, are overcharging from 4% to as high as 208%. The breakdown by percentage of overcharging meters is 32% in the 4 to 10% range, 13% in the 11 to 19% range and 22% of the meters are overcharging by 20% or more (total of 35% overcharging 11% or higher) The largest single overcharge is 208%.

According to Former Mayor Herrington, the test results, first received by the City of Palestine in May, 2013, have never been made public, and no action has been taken by the City to address or correct the issue.

To hear Friday’s broadcast of Meddling in the Morning with Bob and Darla, click here. Discussion on the issue starts at 1:29:46.


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