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Students at Andy Woods Count Their Steps with Tyler ISD Foundation Grant

TYLER, May 9, 2013-- How far do you walk in a day?  That’s the question that a little research, a lot of youthful activity and energy, and a grant for a ‘walking counter’ pedometer all come together for answers at Andy Woods Elementary.

In a project called “Digits with Digi Walkers,” M. Happi Byrne and Ashley Phelps, faculty members at Andy Woods Elementary School have been using to use math, physical fitness, and physics and health disciplines for a learning grant from the Tyler ISD Foundation.

“Digi-Walker Pedometers have been used by every student throughout first through fifth grade during our physical education class,” said Mrs. Byrne.  “Each pedometer will allow students to assess their own fitness level throughout the 45 minute class by calculating their distance, steps taken, and calories burned.”

The grant is the second one received by Byrne and Phelps.

“Our first grant had mats with numbers and letters and students used coordination skills, along with reading and math lessons, and the mats to make a positive learning experience,” summarized Phelps.  “And, we are proud to impact more than 500 students.”

According to Larry Goddard, Ph.D., executive director of the Foundation, “Our grants process covers requests from pre-K to advanced studies.  We point with great pride to this efficiently-written and professionally-conducted grant from the faculty at Andy Woods. I think the students were surprised at how far their steps had taken them—perhaps this summer, I’ll find a pedometer and make sure I walk as much as the elementary students.”

Major Foundation teacher grant donors have been an anonymous donor and a long-term relationship with the Junior League of Tyler, Inc.

Other donations to the Foundation can be sent to the Tyler ISD Foundation, 315 North Broadway, Suite 401, Tyler, Texas 75702-5757; 903-266-9806; foundation/tylerisd.org.

“We were pleased with this grant—just like the ‘smart mats’—because the equipment can be used over and over; and the impact was to a high number of learners,” said Goddard.  “Without the Foundation and our benevolent donors, this program would not have existed.”

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