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Sierra Club Statement on Passage of Proposition 6

TEXAS, November 6, 2013--The Lone Star Chapter of the Sierra Club has released a statement on the passage of Proposition 6. The statement is by Ken Kramer, Water Resources Chair, and reads as follows:

“Now the real work begins. Texans need to become actively involved in regional water planning and in local government water supply decisions to make sure that the potential for Prop 6 to advance water conservation and enhance water planning is achieved. The earmark for conservation funding could be a game-changer – but that will only occur if regional groups include significant conservation projects in their water plans and if local water suppliers apply for state financial assistance for such projects.  Sierra Club members will continue to work for as long as it takes to make that happen.

“Everyone needs to remember that the conservation funding earmarks taking effect as the result of passage of Prop 6 are a floor, not a ceiling. The more that conservation is employed to address our state’s water needs, the more we will be able to stretch local and state government dollars for water supplies. But no piece of legislation or state constitutional amendment is self-implementing. The passage of Prop 6 is not the end of the journey to secure our water future, it’s only the beginning – and all of us are responsible for moving forward.”

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