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Sheriff reminds citizens to keep kids safe as they return to school

ANDERSON CO., August 19, 2013--Kids are going back to school, and with most classes resuming on Monday, Anderson County Sheriff Greg Taylor wants to remind parents about maintaining safety for children in the community.

One of the most important things residents can do is to heed all posted school zone speed limits. “The schools are going to be busy. A lot of traffic, kids walking across the street, people need to slow down,” said Sheriff Taylor. “There will be law enforcement in the city and in the county…monitoring these school zones.”

Another thing to remember is to prohibit the use of cell phones in school zones. Many accidents are caused by distracted driving, including the use of cell phones. “People need to follow the law and not use their phones. Anytime they’re driving, they should use hands-free, but in school zones they shouldn’t use phones at all,” Sheriff Taylor said.

Citizens should be aware of the laws concerning school buses as well. Sheriff Taylor says, “That’s a very dangerous time for our kids – getting off the busses. When they turn the lights on, you need to stop because there could be a young child walking out from behind or in front of that bus.”

When a school bus displays flashing red lights, motorists behind the bus must come to a stop. Passing the bus is prohibited. Passing a school bus when the lights are on is a Class C Misdemeanor.  Failure to follow the law concerning school busses carries charges which range from stiff fines to possible arrest. Speed violation charges are also doubled in a school zone, and violators may be ineligible for Defensive Driving courses.

Sheriff Taylor reminds residents to follow the law, and keep children in the community safe as they return to school.

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