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Sector volunteers needed for Precinct Watch Program

VAN ZANDT CO., May 2, 2013--Last week the Van Zandt Sheriff’s Office described a new program called the “Precinct Watch Program”. In that description, which was called “Taking Our County Back,”
the Sheriff explained the program needs the support and involvement of the citizens of Van Zandt County. The program, and for that matter many other efforts of the Sheriff’s Office, cannot be successful without the assistance of the community.

The Precinct Watch Program divides each precinct in the county into smaller areas called “sectors”. Volunteers from each sector are needed to participate in the program – to be the eyes and ears of the community to help the Sheriff’s Office prevent crime and catch criminals. These sector watch members will receive special training and information and will not be put in harms-way by any means.

Van Zandt County Sheriff Michael Lindsey Ray says, “I remember just a few short months ago when I was campaigning to become Sheriff and I said some things that people then were calling ‘campaign promises’. Politics aside, promise or not, one of the most important things I said is that I want to help this county become safer and more secure to live in. I meant that, but at that time I didn’t realize that making the county safe and secure is not just the Sheriff’s Office’s job – it is also the job of every citizen in Van Zandt County – we in the Sheriff’s Office can’t do it without your help!”

Sheriff Ray went on to add, “Together we are strong and together we can prevent crime, and we can make this a safer place for us all, but for that to happen people have to get involved. You may say to yourself that you are only one person – how can I be of any assistance? I’ll tell you how. If we fill this county from one end to the other with crime watch participants who are out there watching out for each other and supporting each other’s efforts then one person becomes a hundred, or a thousand and together that makes a lot of difference. If you want to help make this county safer, if you want to make a difference then join our Precinct Watch team.”

To apply for the Precinct Watch Team as a sector volunteer, call 903-567-4133 ext. 472. 

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