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SCSO announces review of policy regarding case submissions

SMITH,  July 22, 2014-- Sheriff Smith and the Smith County Sheriff’s Office Command Staff are in the process of reviewing incidents in which inmates were released on personal recognizance bonds. These inmates were released due to their cases not being filed with the District Attorney’s Office in time to indict. Each case file will be reviewed at the Sheriff’s Office as well as any Sheriff’s Office communications to or from the District Attorney’s Office.

From this time forward, the Criminal Investigation Division of the Smith County Sheriff’s Office will provide both Chief Deputy Robert Carlson and Sheriff Smith a carbon copy of any email correspondence with the District Attorney’s Office. Sheriff Smith has contacted the District Attorney’s Office advising of this policy. Sheriff Smith has also asked that the District Attorney’s Office please include Chief Carlson as well as the Sheriff in any email correspondence regarding outstanding cases.

Sheriff Smith reiterated, “There is no substitution for open and concise communications. It is of the utmost importance especially in dealing with law enforcement business involving victims as well as suspects. The life and liberty of both depend upon the local investigative and prosecutorial entities doing their job, doing it expeditiously, thoroughly, constitutionally and above all fairly”.

All Sheriff’s Office arrests are being tracked, and misdemeanor cases are being required to be filed with the District Attorney’s Office within 30 days with all felony cases to be filed within 45 days of incarceration.

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