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Presentation to introduce Historical Walking Tours using QR Codes

RUSK, June 18, 2014— The public is invited to a meeting on Thursday, June 19, at 5:30 p.m., at the Heritage Center of Cherokee County Museum. This is a special meeting to hear a power point presentation given by Shannan Reid from Montgomery, Texas, about Historical Walking Tours using QR Codes for a walking and/or driving tour of a town or community.

There's a new way of looking at the old buildings and special sites in a community - on a smart phone using QR code technology. A self-guided tour of designated sites around a town or community uses QR code technology to tell their story. This kind of tour goes beyond the State historical markers that our county proudly possesses.

Each town structure or site on the tour displays a sign saying "This Site Has History" and a large QR code which can be scanned by a smart phone. What is known of the history of the building or the site is then displayed on the phone from a YouTube channel to watch and listen to right on the spot - no guided tour needed.

The challenge today is in creating an appreciation for a community's history among younger generations and more recent residents of the community. To meet this challenge, the QR Code Historic Walking Tour was conceived. The QR code makes the tour easily accessible and technologically relevant to people enjoying the sites in the county. Now is the time to capture this knowledge of our history from the folks who remember it firsthand.

The QR Code Tour can have a significant place in the long-term commitment that the county has toward preserving its history. For the younger generation - they may not know what to care about until they know the history of it.

To start a tour you first have to download a QR code reader to your smart phone. For the technologically challenged, ask a 10 year-old to handle it for you. Show them the code on a building and bring them into the engaging history of the past, present and future.

All that are interested in preserving the history of Cherokee County are invited to attend the presentation. A preliminary study committee will be nominated from the meeting to look into the interest of such a technology-driven project for preserving the history here of Cherokee County in another innovative format.

For additional information, please call 903.683.2500 visit the website www.HCCC-Museum.org or like their page on Facebook.

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