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PRCIL: Estimated cost of diabetes in America

PALESTINE, May 25, 2014— Did you know that the national cost of diabetes in the U.S. well exceeds $174 billion? This figure has increased by 32 per cent since 2002. This estimate includes $116 billion in excess medical expenditures attributed to diabetes, as well as $58 billion in reduced national productivity.

People with diagnosed diabetes, on average, have medical expenditures that are approximately 2.3 times higher than the expenditures would be in the absence of diabetes. Approximately $1 in $10 health care dollars is attributed to diabetes. Indirect costs include increased factors such as absenteeism, reduced productivity, and lost productive capacity due to early mortality.

The total cost of diabetes for people in Texas has been estimated at more than $12,460,000,000. This estimate includes excess medical costs of $8,118,000,000 attributed to diabetes, and lost productivity valued at $4,345,000,000. Of the more than 23,508,000 Texas residents, approximately 1,280,000 were diagnosed with diabetes.

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