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Police respond to child locked in hot vehicle

TRINITY, September 13, 2013--Trinity Police received a call yesterday, from a grandmother who claimed she had accidentally locked her six month-old grandson in her vehicle in the Brooks Brothers parking lot.

When Police Chief Steve Jones arrived at the scene, the grandmother reported she believed the child had been locked in the vehicle for approximately ten minutes. When Chief Jones inspected the child through the car window, however, he noticed the child was sweating heavily and not crying, but just looking around, both signs of danger. Officer Wheeler arrived on the scene and Chief Jones gave him permission to break the window of the vehicle to remove the child.

“Normally on something like this our wreckers, our local wreckers, will unlock a car for you for free. They’ll just get there to do it as a public service,” said Chief Jones. “But in this situation, I didn’t feel that we had time to wait on the wrecker, which I later found out was the right decision.”

Later, when surveillance tapes were reviewed, it was revealed the child had been in the car for 28 minutes, long enough for the vehicle’s interior temperatures to reach dangerous levels.

“After 30 minutes, you start having liver damage and brain damage to the child, so…that was actually a critical stage of that child being in the car.”

The child was checked by EMS workers on scene and released.

KYYK’s Gary Richards spoke with Chief Jones about the case, and about the dangerous effects of heat on children left alone in vehicles.



Photo courtesy of Trinity Police Department

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