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Paco, the featured Wednesday's Pet

The Anderson County Humane Society and KNET and YourEastTexas.com have teamed up to help the pets at the Humane Society find homes. Every Wednesday morning on The Mayor in the Morning radio show on KNET, we feature a new pet.

Wednesday’s Pet - Paco

Paco is a sweet, playful Terrier mix, who is approximately 8 months old, and has been at the shelter since he was brought in as a stray on May 13.

Paco is almost full grown and weighs about 10 pounds. He looks like an overgrown Chihuahua mixed with Terrier. He has a tail like a piglet and a beautiful auburn coat. He has some wiry wisps like a terrier, especially on his face, and he has beautiful caramel brown eyes.

Paco has been neutered, and appears to be housebroken.

Paco wants to be the boss of other dogs if they aren’t in the same room with him, otherwise he seems to get along with them well. He likes to play, and shows owner loyalty.

He will come when called, and loves to curl up in a lap, or next to someone. He is very affectionate.

Paco loves his crate and goes in on his own when the door is left open. He would make a great inside dog.


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