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More on the Davy Crockett Regional Juvenile Center

CROCKETT, April 3, 2014— The Davy Crockett Regional Juvenile Center was readied for occupancy in record breaking time. What could have taken 6 months to remodel and renovate,  took only 6 weeks. A dedicated group of contractors from Crockett and Houston County worked 7 days a week,12 to 16 hours a day to make it happen. During the 6 week period, over 75 people were working on campus at all times to create a clean, uplifting, and healthy environment for the youth that will make this their home for a time. This project is good for the community and will continue to be so throughout. Over 90% of contractors, businesses, and workers were from the community as well as the newly hired employees.  This is the way it is supposed to be. A community working together and doing what they can to provide jobs and opportunities. Crockett and Houston County and have an enthusiastic population that seizes the opportunity and does what is necessary to see it through. 

March 27, 2014, the Davy Crockett Center opened its doors for the community to get acquainted with the facility and its employees. Community leaders welcomed the crowd. Among those were Joe Newman and Tryon Green of Cornerstone.  CEIDC Executive Director, Thom Lambert, CEIDC Board President Chris VonDoenhoff, CEIDC Secretary/Treasurer Elmer Murray, CEIDC Board Member Ellen McCreight , Crockett Mayor Wayne Mask , Prosperity Bank President-Brandon Bridges, and the Texas Workforce Solutions were also on hand to answer any questions. Representative Trent Ashby had words of praise and welcome for the new facility and for those who had worked diligently to make it happen.  There was a full house of guests who were amazed at the magical transformation that had taken place. This means that the facility is “open for business” stated Jeff Parsons, the Cornerstone regional director for the Center.  Parsons went on to say, “It is great to see our staff trained, energized and ready for occupants.” Parsons further stated, “It means jobs and opportunities for the citizens of the area and what a boost for the community.”  Occupation has already begun with area county courts assigning juveniles to the facility and they have already begun to arrive as well. 

The Crockett Area Chamber of Commerce welcomed the Davy Crockett Center with a Ribbon Cutting for its newest member. Executive Director Sheila Thomas and Executive Assistant Judy Scott along with Board Members: David Whittlesey, Mary Ann Lightsey, Leanne Henson, Charlie Bobbitt and ambassadors: Karen Huffman, Cyndi Keys, Rhonda Stanley, Jessica Murff, Jennifer Cyr, and Shirley Michka,  presented Tyron Green and Joe Newman with a  Chamber Plaque of welcome.  

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