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Meals on Wheels struggles to overcome funding cuts

PALESTINE, June 27, 2013--With sequester related federal budget cuts happening across the nation, many agencies and programs are scrambling to find a way to continue to provide resources and services to those in need.

Meals on Wheels is one such program who is directly experiencing the effects of the cuts. According to Executive Director Lois Durant, “Our program has been told that we will possibly be cut $15,000 between now and September 30,” she says. “We already operate as frugally as we can – always have done. I don’t believe in wasting government money. So there’s not a whole lot of places that we can make cuts.”

Durant says the organization is thankful for other sources which have given money to help Meals on Wheels continue service. She expresses the need for continued donations and support in order to continue the homebound program which delivers food to those who are unable to provide it for themselves.

Durant spoke with KYYK’s Gary Richards about the cuts, and what the public can do to help. Click below to hear more.


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