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Link found between volunteering, securing employment

June 21, 2013—Volunteering provides important benefits to those who serve – helping them develop and maintain skills, expand professional networks, stay connected to their communities, and expand economic and educational opportunities. But what about finding employment? There are new, important findings about the connection between giving back and getting a job.

Volunteers tackle our toughest challenges and provide enormous social and economic value to our communities and country – and the benefits don’t stop there. In fact, new research shows that volunteering can even improve the likelihood of finding jobs for those out of work.

The Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS), the Federal agency for service and volunteering, recently released findings from the most rigorous research to date, linking volunteering and employment in the United States. Results showed the likelihood of employment to be 27% higher for volunteers, as opposed to non-volunteers.

According to Wendy Spencer of CNCS, “This new research answers the age old question: Does volunteering actually increase your chance of getting a job? We have always felt volunteering helps those looking for work, but now we have the research that substantiates it.”

To learn more about the Corporation for National and Community Service, their research on employment, and opportunities to volunteer in your area, visit Serve.gov.

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