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Joint statement released regarding Alicia Moore death investigation

VAN ZANDT CO., May 9, 2013—Van Zandt County District Attorney Chris Martin, Van Zandt County Sheriff Michael Lindsey Ray, and Greenville Chief of Police Daniel J. Busken have released a joint statement on the investigation into the death of Alicia Moore.

Greenville, Texas, resident Alicia Chantra Moore, age 16, disappeared on November 2, 2012. Her body was discovered by a construction crew on November 6, in a discarded furniture trunk along a remote stretch of Texas Hwy 47, in Van Zandt County.

On May 6, Michael Moore was arrested and charged with killing his neice, Alicia Moore.

In the joint statement, DNA evidence is reported to have linked Michael Moore to the killing. The statement also expresses an expectation of additional evident which will further implicate Moore. According to the report, items of interest were gathered when a search warrant was executed on Mr. Moore’s residence, and police are currently analyzing the items to determine their evidentiary value. The statement also declares other leads will be pursued until as much evidence as possible has been gathered.

“While the arrest of Michael Vincent Moore signifies a material step in our investigation into the disappearance and murder of Miss Alicia Moore, our investigation is still ongoing,” the statement reads. “Therefore, until we conclude our investigation, we will continue to restrict the release of sensitive information in this case. We are working as quickly and as diligently as possible to bring this case to a close for Alicia and her family. While we would like to share more information at this time, doing so could compromise our investigation and jeopardize a subsequent prosecution.”

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