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Home improvement answers from The Money Pit 9-3-13

PALESTINE, September 3, 2013-- The Money Pit team provides time and money saving tips and ideas, helps listeners manage projects, and answers home improvement questions from callers. YourEastTexas.com is pleased to bring you a weekly update from the Money Pit to assist you in your Home Improvement endeavors.

This week’s Home Improvement answer:

Leaky Roof

LESLIE: Connie in Arizona is on the line with a leaky roof. How can we help you today?

CONNIE: Yes. I have a Pro-Panel roof. And it has started – I live in Arizona, so we don’t get a lot of rain. But when we do, it rains really hard. And I have a leak and I cannot find where it’s coming from on the roof because it’s all Pro-Panel and there’s no vents around where it’s leaking out of. But it runs down [an eave] (ph) and leaks in my kitchen and I cannot find …

TOM: So, what you want you want to do in a situation like that, where you’re not really sure why it’s leaking or where it’s leaking, is you can get up there or a contractor, obviously, can get up there with a hose – a garden hose. And start on one end and then very slowly work away – work across the roof until you find the area where the leak exists. And then once you identify that, you can get that roof taken apart in that particular area and then resealed.

With a metal roof, it’s very frequently a fastener that comes through the roof that needs to be sealed. And the other approach is to simply reseal all the fasteners that are in the area of the leak and sooner or later, you’re going to get to the bottom of it.

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