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Home improvement answers from The Money Pit 2-18-14

PALESTINE, February 18, 2014-- The Money Pit team provides time and money saving tips and ideas, helps listeners manage projects, and answers home improvement questions from callers. YourEastTexas.com is pleased to bring you a weekly update from the Money Pit to assist you in your Home Improvement endeavors.

This week’s Home Improvement answer: Low water pressure solution

Frustrated by low water pressure? Blocked screens at the faucet head often cause low water pressure. To clean your faucets, unscrew the faucet tip and clean the screen with a CLR type cleaner. Reassemble the faucet the same way you took it apart and watch your low water pressure problem end!

To clean shower heads that are giving you low water pressure, unscrew the head and place it in a bowl filled with CLR cleaner. Rinse the head with clear water, and reassemble the same way you took it apart. This should end your low water pressure problem.

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