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Frankston convenience store owner indicted by grand jury

ANDERSON CO., December 26, 2013-- On December 5, 2013, an Anderson County grand jury returned a 2 count felony indictment against Frankston convenience store owner, Phillip Change, age 52.   Chang, who operated P.C. Corner Store in Frankston, is accused of possession of synthetic controlled substance with the intent to deliver and manufacturing a simulated controlled substance with the intent to deliver.

Possession of a synthetic controlled substance with the intent to deliver is a second degree felony with a range of punishment of 2 years to 20 years in prison. Manufacture of a simulated controlled substance with the intent to deliver is a state jail felony with a maximum punishment of 2 years in state jail.

According to Anderson County District Attorney Doug Lowe, Chang’s arrest on April 23, 2013 was the result of an investigation started in February of 2013 by Chief Darren Goodman of the Frankston Police Department.

During the raid on Chang’s store on April 23, 2013, Frankston police and Anderson County Sheriff’s Office deputies seized $7,134.55 in cash, a small amount of synthetic marijuana, and approximately 3 pounds of what officers believed was a controlled substance or simulated controlled substance.

The 2011 Texas Legislature enacted legislation aimed at the sale of synthetic marijuana and other chemical compounds which create marijuana-like or drug effects on individuals.   The chemicals sold as bath salts or potpourris are consumed for intoxicating effects, but often cause very serious and deadly side effects.  

One of the first synthetic substances to hit the market was called “K2” or “Spice”. 

“However, in short time after the legislature acted the makers of these poisons ever so slightly changed the chemical makeup to attempt to evade the banned list of substances,” said District Attorney Lowe.

“It seems as fast as we ban one of compounds these ‘mad scientists’ alter the formula just enough so our law enforcement labs have difficulty in making the determination the substance is illegal,” added Lowe.

Chang’s wife, Que Chau Truang was arrested for possession of a dangerous drug and another person, Michael Lee, was detained and charged with possession of drug paraphernalia during the April search.

Chang’s bail bond was set by District Judge Pam Foster Fletcher at $25,000.00. 

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