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EZO Copper Products, LLC to close Jacksonville plant

JACKSONVILLE, September 25, 2013—EZO Copper Products, LLC, a company which manufactures copper products for the heating and air conditioning industry, has announced plans to close their Jacksonville based plant, according to General Manager Shannon Abernathy.

The plant, originally opened in 1968, under different ownership, and purchased by the current owners in March, 2010, currently employs 84 full-time employees who will be affected by the closure.

Abernathy says with customers making the move to Mexico, it is impossible to continue services. “The plant here in Jacksonville is closing due to our primary customers moving to Mexico,” said Abernathy. “None of the facilities her are moving to Mexico. None of the people here are moving to Mexico – just our customers.”

One such customer move, in particular, came as an unrecoverable blow to EZO’s Jacksonville plant – the move of Carrier’s Tyler plant. According to Abernathy, Carrier was the largest single customer of EZO’s Jacksonville plant, comprising approximately 83 percent of its total business.

“The Tyler Carrier plant going to Mexico is the reason for our demise,” Abernathy said.

Abernathy says EZO has applied for and received approval to offer Trade Readjustment Allowances (TRA) to employees. The TRA program, offered to employees whose jobs were affected by foreign imports, helps employees pay for retraining, continuing their education or relocating to an area where jobs are more plentiful.

EZO's Jacksonville plant will fulfill its current customer orders before closing its doors. The company expects to be closed by Thanksgiving of this year. 

KYYK’s Gary Richards spoke with Abernathy about the closure. Click below for more.

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