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Commissioner's Court approves emergency funds for Humane Society

PALESTINE, June 25, 2013--On Monday, the Commissioner’s Court approved a one-time emergency allotment of funds in the amount of $20,000 to the Anderson County Humane Society.

The recent death of a major benefactor, combined with the rising cost of supplies and operations placed the Anderson County Humane Society in a hazardous position. According to Anderson County Judge Robert Johnston, the Humane Society would have been out of funds by mid-July if the emergency funds had not been granted. “It’s such a large and important part of what goes on, that the Commissioner’s Court thought it was the right thing to do to be able to step in and help them,” said Judge Johnston. “We’re fortunate we were able to do that.”

According to Humane Society Treasurer Brenda Beazley, the funds will be used to cover payroll and to continue the services currently offered through the summer months. With approximately 3,500 animals being served by the shelter each year, Beazley says operation of the facility is a lot more expensive than people may understand.

In order to help, Beazley says the most important thing the public can do is to spay and neuter their own animals. This reduces the number of unwanted animals, which, in turn, reduces the number of unnecessary euthanasia cases. She also encourages the public to contribute to one of the shelter’s fundraisers, become a Humane Society member, or consider giving monetary donations.

Beazley spoke with KYYK’s Gary Richards about the emergency funds and shelter operation. Click below for more.


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