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City of Palestine to repeat water distribution system burnout

PALESTINE, July 19, 2013--The City of Palestine completed a water distribution system burnout in January, of this year. The first-ever procedure of its kind in Palestine, the purpose of the procedure is to achieve better chlorine residuals throughout the city.

A distribution system burnout is needed to kill any nitrification growth in the distribution system that is causing taste, odor and color in the water. This is also necessary for removing the ammonia residual from the water. A distribution burnout is accomplished by turning the ammonia off at the treatment plant. This results in production of a free chlorine residual which is much stronger than the combined chlorine residual the city normally has.

Surprised and pleased by the results of the first burnout, the city plans to repeat the process on August 8. “Last time we did it, we had good chlorine residuals for about two or three months at the far edges of our distribution systems,” said Palestine Utilities Director Robert Sedgwick. The burnout will end on August 31.

Although residents are likely to notice a stronger chlorine odor, and may notice a red discoloration in areas that have cast iron pipe, Sedgwick says the water will remain safe to drink during the burnout.

KYYK’s Gary Richards spoke with Sedgwick about the burnout, resident’s complaint of City odor, the City’s water source, and other current utility issues. Click below for more.


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