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Cellular One launches new "Communities" Smartphone App

WAYNE, PA, July 23, 2014— MTPCS, LLC, d.b.a. Cellular One launches a new Smartphone App “Communities” to provide customers with localized news and information on the topics they care about most. Cellular One of Texas and Louisiana released this unique new Smartphone App as yet another important way Cellular One does more for customers than AT&T or Verizon.

Communities is a free app available on all Cellular One Smartphones. The app offers customers the ability to select local news, weather, high school or college sports, as well as information and news from various “communities” such as a small town, a college, the US Armed Forces or the Oil & Gas sector, all from a diverse list of sources, including Twitter and YouTube.

Communities also provides alerts from the US Government’s Commercial Mobile Alert System (CMAS). These are critical alerts relating to emergencies of all kinds in each customer’s local area, from dangerous weather events to Amber Alerts to national security alerts.

“We are so pleased to share Communities, and all its capabilities, with our customers,” stated Jonathan Foxman, President and CEO for Cellular One. “The app is simple and intuitive, yet offers so much. We are very proud to share another way our customers get so much more with Cellular One,” continued Foxman.

For more information about the new Communities Smartphone App, please visit a Cellular One location, call, or visitwww.cellonenation.com.

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