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'Winging It' not an Emergency Plan

CHEROKEE CO., September 13, 2013-- How many times have you said “I’ll just wing it” instead of actually taking the time to prepare for a project? We’ve all done it. We’re busy, our days are full. And before you know it, that project is upon you and you’re not ready … so you just wing it.

Emergency preparedness is definitely not a project you want to just wing. This September marks the tenth annual National Preparedness Month. Cherokee County Public Health encourages all citizens to begin taking simple, but important steps to prepare your family for emergencies.

What kind of problems might you face if your emergency response is to just wing it? The possibilities are numerous and many of them are preventable with a little planning.

Maybe it’s no source of light or no ability to get alerts from the authorities because the power is out and the batteries in your flashlight and radio are dead.

Perhaps there was a mandatory evacuation and you forgot to grab your medications as you left home. Now you are in a shelter and do not remember the name of your pills.

Or maybe the members of your family aren’t together when an emergency occurs and you can’t reach anyone on the phone because landlines and mobile services are down.

Now is the time for families to become proactive, not just reactive, when it comes to emergencies. National Preparedness Month is a perfect time to work with your family to build a communication and emergency plan.

Also, each family member should have a part in building the family disaster kit. Letting children help with this process not only gives them a sense of empowerment, but it also decreases their fear in real emergencies.

Emergency plans should be practiced and revised on a regular basis to keep them up-to-date. By preparing for an emergency today and not just winging it, you can reduce the effects a disaster can have on your family tomorrow.

For assistance creating an emergency and family communication plan, go to www.ready.gov or www.texasprepares.org or contact Cherokee County Public Health at 903-586-6191.

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