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NYC teen needs 500K retweets to get prom photos with her beloved Mets

Tue, 23 Jan 2018 19:45:05 +0000

Courtesy Ann Marie Varela(NEW YORK) -- Callie Quinn hopes the Twitterverse can make her prom dreams come true.

The 17-year-old high school senior doesn't have a date for the prom, so she asked her beloved New York Mets to help out.

"I didn't have a date prom and all my friends were getting dates," Callie, who lives on Staten Island, told ABC News. "So I thought, 'You know what? I'm just going to reach out and see what happens.'"

The lifelong Mets fan asked her team to be her date in a private message.

The team's response? They invited Callie to Citi Field, their home stadium in Queens, for prom photos but under one condition -- she has to get 500,000 retweets of that initial tweet.

"Let's do this," the Mets official Twitter account responded. "You get 500K RTs and we'll invite you to Citi Field on 5/18 to take your prom pics on the field before the game. We'll have a few players say hello and jump in some of those pics. Think you can do it? #CalliesMetsProm."

The New Dorp High School senior posted the exchange to the world on Jan. 19, hoping for the best. As of Tuesday afternoon, she had reached more than half of her goal -- over 340,000 retweets.

"I think it's amazing the amount of support she's getting," said Ann Marie Varela, Callie's mom.

Callie comes from a family of Mets fans, and even her middle name, Shaye, was given to her in honor of the old Mets' home field, Shea Stadium, Varela added.

Both Callie and her mom are thrilled the tweet has already reached so many people.

"I think it's awesome that everyone is rallying around it," Callie said. "My notifications have been going crazy."

If Callie reaches her goal, the Mets said they will invite her on the field before the May 18th home game for prom photos with some of the players.

"We're very optimistic that she going to reach this goal and we are looking forward to meeting with this passionate fan down the road," a Mets spokesperson told ABC News.

Callie is hoping to meet one of her favorite players, pitcher Noah Syndergaard. In fact, Syndergaard was among the Mets players, like pitcher Jerry Blevins and shortstop Matt Reynolds, to retweet Callie.

Other Mets, including newly acquired first baseman Adrián González and pitcher Josh Smoker, not only retweeted Callie, but called on others to support her goal as well.

Callie has also garnered the support of celebrities like actor William Shatner, who has shared Callie's post on Twitter a few times.

"The William Shatner [retweet] is crazy," said Varela. "We are all joking that he's her biggest fan."

Even singer and actor Donnie Wahlberg -- despite being a Boston Red Sox fan -- chipped in.

Even the Mets' official mascot, Mr. Met, used his Twitter account to spread the word about Callie's goal.

Though her prom is on May 25th, Callie has started looking into orange and blue prom dresses but said that she hasn't made any final decisions yet.

"I was planning on getting a blue one and that was before the Mets prom idea," said Callie. "So now I know I have to get one."

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