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Undeterred by Lawsuit, Obama Signs Another Executive Order

Thu, 31 Jul 2014 19:36:18 +0000

The White House(WASHINGTON) -- One day after House Republicans voted to sue him for allegedly exceeding his executive authority, President Obama signed yet another executive order, saying the suit is “not going to stop me from doing what I think needs to be done in order to help families across the country.”

“Any time Congress wants to do work with me to help working families, I'm right there. The door is always open. More than that, I'll go to them; I'll wash their car, walk their dog,” the president joked at a White House ceremony. “I'm ready to work with them any time that they want to pursue policies that help working families. But where they’re doing so little or nothing at all to help working families, then we've got to find ways, as an administration, to take action that's going to help.”

“I said to [House] Speaker [John] Boehner, tell your caucus the best way to avoid me acting on my own is work with me to actually do something. Then you don’t have to worry about it. We’re not going to stop, and if they’re not going to lift a finger to help working Americans then I’m going to work twice as hard to help working Americans,” Obama said.

The president on Thursday signed an order, titled “Fair Pay and Safe Workplace,” requiring prospective federal contractors to disclose labor law violations.

With lawmakers leaving behind a lengthy legislative to-do list as they head out of town, the president quipped that “the big event last night -- it wasn’t the vote on the minimum wage. It wasn’t a vote on immigration reform, strengthening the borders. It wasn’t a vote on family leave. What did they have a vote on? They got together in the House of Representatives, the Republicans, and voted to sue me for taking the actions that we are doing to help families.”

“One of the main objections that’s the basis of this suit is us making a temporary modification to the health care law that they said needed to be modified,” Obama explained. “So they criticized a provision; we modify it to make it easier for business to transition; and that’s the basis for their suit. Now, you could say that, all right, this is a harmless political stunt -- except it wastes America’s time. You guys are all paying for it as taxpayers. It’s not very productive.”

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