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Marvel's 'The Punisher' debuts on Netflix

Fri, 17 Nov 2017 17:00:05 +0000

Netflix/Jessica Miglio(NEW YORK) -- Marvel's The Punisher is now available for your binging pleasure on Netflix. Based on the fan-favorite comic character of the same name, the series picks up with Special Forces soldier-turned vigilante Frank Castle where we last left him at the end of Daredevil, season two. 

Jon Bernthal's brooding, bruising Castle is now on the run in New York City, trying to live under the radar after slipping custody following his decimation of rival gangs, and the members of a conspiracy that got his family murdered.

Castle soon learns, however, that he hasn't eliminated every loose end in a conspiracy that followed him all the way from his time serving in Afghanistan. Key to unraveling the mystery is Karen Page, the dogged reporter who befriended Castle in the Daredevil series. Deborah Ann Woll [wohl] reprises her role as Page in Punisher.

"Frank needs someone to remind him about the real world," Woll tells ABC Radio, "and Karen needs someone to light a fire under her a**, you know, and I like that they do that for each other."

Woll adds, "I like that Karen can say, 'How far down this road of violence of revenge do you go before you're ripped apart?' and he can look at her and go, 'I'm already ripped apart. And you are, too.'"

Woll says "We had no idea that Karen and Frank would have such a connection after Daredevil, season two. You know, they don't interact at all in the comic books, and that was something really unique to our story ...Jon and I, I think, just really fell in love, and love working together, and I love him and his personality, and his work ethic, and it was just easy to fall into that relationship."

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