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"Designated Survivor" takes on Mexico tonight: "It's kind of a parallel of what's happening right now"

Wed, 18 Oct 2017 20:19:57 +0000

ABC/Ben Mark Holzberg(HOLLYWOOD) --The plot lines on ABC's Designated Survivor this season have focused on real issues, like the controversy over Confederate statues, or the rising cost of prescription drugs.  Tonight's episode is no different: a Mexican citizen is shot during a border dispute and President Kirkman and his staff must try to resolve the situation.

"It's basically the talk about immigration reform. Problems with the border arise at the same time," says Adan Canto, the actor who plays National Security Advisor Aaron Shore on the drama.

"It's kind of a parallel of what's happening right now, and I find that it's a great opportunity to start a conversation about this," adds Canto, who is Mexican.  "There's just so much more to understand about it."

Canto says the Designated Survivor cast enjoys how roles let them imagine how real-life crises might be solved.

"I have to remember that I'm not a politician and all I do is research what I get in my script...which I find awesome," he tells ABC Radio. "It's just so great that I can learn about these things, and not just that, but pretend to be fixing these problems in a way that I wish my government would."

However, appearing on a show set in the White House does have its drawbacks, as Canto found out when he and the show visited the real 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. last season.

"When I got there, we stepped in the Oval Office and the whole experience was ruined for me," he laughs. "For me, it was like being back on set because these guys [on the crew] built...almost an exact replica."

"So I didn't feel that awe," he adds. "I was like, 'Oh. Cool. Yeah.' [It] just felt like another day at work!"  

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